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Expelling Fear to Inspire Others

Meet Tau

Hello, I’m Tau - an oil painting artist based in Los Angeles with a desire to inspire others through art and my story. From a young age, I have always been an artist at heart, but my fear stood in the way of pursuing it as a career. Fear of earning a living, fear of what others would say, fear of lack of success - but in 2020 that all changed. Upon contemplating my past, my future, and myself, I finally decided to put fear aside, go after my childhood dream, and began creating art again. Inspired by some of the world’s greatest artists like Picasso, Dalí, Chagall, and others, I found the courage to believe in myself, and succeed as an artist - my way. 

 When I finally picked up a brush again and painted on a canvas for the first time, my excitement could be felt by the beating in my chest. I experienced an intense passion and spirituality – trusting in the universe and its signs. Suddenly that strange child full of questions found his answers in the form of a paintbrush and canvas. That’s when I knew that this was what I was meant to do and what I wished to leave behind as my legacy - purpose-driven artwork designed to bring inspiration, hope, and joy to others. 

 Traditional is not a word I would use to describe my work and my style. I throw a unique and eclectic twist on oil painting through vibrant colors and meaningful compositions. In doing this, I strive to be a connection between the viewer’s inner emotions and self-expression while sharing my vision of beauty with everyone around me. Art is a way to connect with others and express yourself. I hope my work helps those who see it believe in themselves — knowing that they have something great inside them too. This is my purpose, worth more than any fame or recognition. I hope you’ll join me on this journey. 

 - Tau



Commission a One-of-a-Kind Oil Painting by Tau

In just three short years since stepping back into oil painting, Tau’s works of art have spread like wildfire. Captivating the eyes and hearts of millions, Tau’s unique style is becoming recognized and respected around the world. 

Tau’s 100% original commissioned works of art are steadily increasing in value, becoming a staple investment for any collector or art enthusiast. Commission your piece and let Tau bring your vision to life!